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What is TAU?

TAU is a crypto coin project to explore blockchain technologies such as mobile phone mining, Proof-of-Transaction consensus and IPFS.

- Android phone verifying transactions (mining).
- Proof-of-Transaction, miners are competing on accumulating transactions to generate new blocks and get transaction fees. The more transactions you have made, the higher chance you win the mining. The longer the transaction history, the more “Total Consensus Strength” the network has.
- Easier for all miners and beginners to get coins.
- Building on IPFS to resist IP control.

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  iTAU TV by kriptolab

On-going White Paper

Get referral bonus

Anyone can start up by using referral link to make TAUcoins.

Your venture could be telegram group, gaming, youTube, article writing, translation and education. The more people you bring to your network, the more referral links you can promote to earn taucoins. There is no limit set for referral link bonus to encourage enterprenueship in TAU community.

P2P Buy & Sell

We encourage p2p trade to help more people get Taucoins. Many wholehearted escrowers are helping you to get TAUcoins in following telegram group.


Consensus debate and research

Weekly "ask me any" Question on TAU telegram main group.

Coins Allocation

Foundation reserve: 18%
 - Team, investment and security.
Bounty programs offer: 82%
 - Promote community work and crowd funding to support development and distribution.