Airdrop Coins Freely

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By free creation and airdrop of your crypto coins to friends, a community and its independent blockchain is created.

Coins holders can sell or reward coins to others, who can use the coins to display news and pay people. All members can mine coins without stake and power restrictions.

TAU is a serverless blockchain tech without using dedicated host, while everything is on phones network.

We do not require you to buy any TAUcoins. TAU is FREE and open source.

Crypto Airdrop Toolset


No third party charge such as ETH gas.


Send and airdrop coins to contacts.


Not tieing to any dedicate servers.

Product Features

Generate coins to create a community

Airdrop coins to SMS, whatsapp, telegram...

Community chat and advertisement

Phone mining for fee rewards

About Us

TAU Cambridge(UK) is located in Cambridge Science Park and registered in United Kingdom. The company is funded through private venture capitals without conducting any ICO or selling coins to public. TAU will airdrop 80% of TAUcoins to world community leaders.TAUCoinTM is a registerred trademark in UK.



The Bradfield Centre, UNIT 184, Cambridge Science Park, CB4 0GA, UK