TAU Cambridge is creating a Phone Crypto MiningTM technology. Without permitted or assisted by servers, personal devices will be able to build, mine and transact on blockchains independently.

When phones can communicate to each other for free and be incentivated to make blockchain consensu, without central servers, it reduces IT cost of operating an application and removes major part of middleman charge. It will allow transparent and permission-less inter-application data exchange.

  • Our product for consumer is an open source app: it enables phones to form up independent blockchains for ditigal coins circulation, so that communities can freely operate payment and communication. We emphasize on saving data consumption and tailor it to be useful in expensive and slow data region.
  • We provide free and open source libTAU for developers.
  • Users do not need to own any TAUcoins to build blockchains and make server-less communications.


A open source c++ library for server-less p2p and blockchain communication with Java Swig and Shell interface. libTAU is forked out of libtorrent by answering following key problems, which were unsolvable in the pre-blockchain world.

  • Incentive to provide data, bandwidth and cpu power for peers
  • Avoid Internet router protocol screening
  • Pre-arranged bootstrap and time server

We also address server based blockchain problems.

  • Secret chain attack in the POS world
  • Ledger data supply incentive
  • Stateful to stateless transition for a flat state storage
  • One phone mines 100 parallel independent blockchains

About the core technology

TAU discovered the Perishable Proof of Transactions(PPOT) blockchain concensus, the more transactions made, the higher mining power it is. Without intensive puzzel solving competition, PPOT is a light weight blockchain consensus. The perishable ledger will forget any blocks 6 months older, to make full node size under 50M. Unlike immutable blockchain such as ethereum and bitcoin designed for long term financial contracts, PPOT is for day to day application communication on decentralized blockchain.

One average smart phone mines 100+ full blockchains, based on libTAU server-less blockchain communication tech-stack.

About Us

TAU Cambridge(UK) is located in Cambridge Science Park and registered in United Kingdom. The company is funded through private venture capitals without conducting any ICO or selling coins to public. TAU will airdrop 82% of TAUcoins to world communities and keep 18% for development of the technology.