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TAU is creating a phone mining technology. Without being permitted or assisted under servers, personal devices shall be able to build, mine and transact on blockchains.

When phone liberated from servers, it lays down the foundation for individuals’ equality and freedom in the digital world. In a server-less environment, there is no permission difference between phone and server.

This further reduces the cost of operating a network application.


Serverless communication, a open source Java library for p2p and blockchain messaging

  • Public Key - 32 bytes ED25519 Pubkey Key generated from random seed
  • Node ID - First 160 bits of the public key
  • Distrubted Routing Table
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    About the technology

    TAU aims to build a Proof of Transaction(POT) blockchains network on phone mining. POT is a light blockchain consensus. An average smart phone mines 100+ full blockchains without tie to servers, in particular:

  • Server-less communication on full phones swarm
  • Proof of Transaction consensus on history of transactions
  • Applying Bloom filters to resist secrete chain attack
  • About Us

    TAU Cambridge(UK) is building an android app, “TAU - phone mining".

    It enables phones to form up independent blockchains for ditigal coins circulation, so that individuals can freely operate payment and finance business in a community. In the core, we develop a server-less communication protocol with all source open. Without hosting fee, the only cost for user is the data transmission. We pay particular attention to save data consumption and tailor it to be useful in expensive data region.

    Tech Notes

    Communication over DHT

    Core design principles

    Data item


    Reddit - weekly progress

    Github - whitepaper, docs and code

    Medium - ideas


    Groups & Coins

    Telegram - regional groups and trading

    Coins conversion & Airdrop

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