Unrestricted "Twitter"


TAU brings you

  • Unrestricted message promotion communities
  • No one can delete your content when the coins paid
  • Phone Mined Cryptos(PMC) auto income to buy News post

  • Energy efficient PMC technology enables your phone to host content and earn cryptos independently. For example, any phone can earn “London PMC” which is for London community. Londoners could enjoy them for unrestricted chat, advertisement and payment. The global phones network will secure and grow millions of parallel independent blockchains to support communities.

    Technology Features

    Phone mining without tieing to any dedicate server.

    Send Chat and News without restrictions.

    No third party overhead charge such as ETH gas.

    One phone can run 100 parallel blockchains as full node.

    Each community is an independent bloockchain with native coins.

    About Us

    TAU Cambridge(UK) is located in Cambridge Science Park and registered in United Kingdom. The company is funded through private venture capitals without conducting any ICO or selling coins to public. TAUCoinTM is a registerred trademark in UK.

    TAU - TAUCoinTM


    The Bradfield Centre, UNIT 184, Cambridge Science Park, CB4 0GA, UK